Our mission? Create less waste and save our marine life.

We want to give you the power to help change the world each time you floss. We are creating a new standard where the planet is free of plastic. How? By providing our customers with a high quality, environmentally-friendly product. We want to make your life healthier and happier by providing you with a great smile and a clear conscience.

We exist to change the norm from single-use plastic to products that can be reused over and over again. We don’t use plastics & we don’t make one-use products, hence, there is zero harm to the environment. Let’s work together to help save this beautiful planet.



Our team? Only the best.

DuraPik is a small team of elite(…ish) eco-warriors lead by founder and head honcho Keirin Shaw. Keirin is an entrepreneur who has worked in construction and landscaping, so he has a history of close contact with our beautiful planet. When he’s not wearing his business hat, Shaw is a surfer, avid adventurer, and advocate for the environment. DuraPik is a start-up based in Australia with team members around the world. The company’s ultimate aim is to eliminate single-use plastics completely. Today, we’re implementing that goal, one dental pick at a time, with DuraPik.