3 Household Items That Will Drastically Help Reduce Plastic From Entering Our Oceans

3 Household Items That Will Drastically Help Reduce Plastic From Entering Our Oceans | Durapik

So you want to keep the oceans clean? Us too! Keeping on the topic of water, let’s discuss our own water habits at home, and what we can do in order to reduce plastic waste. Read on the learn about 3 water tips that are definitely worth the investment! Not only for our oceans, but also for our wallets!

1. Sparkling Water Dispenser (let’s get bubbly!)

Sparkling Water

Each year the global market for bottles of sparkling water increases. It is estimated that the size of this industry is around 27.59 billion USD. Sparkling water is great, so we can see why this refreshing drink is catching on! An amazing alternative to buying plastic bottles of sparkling water is using a home sparkling water dispenser. These dispensers come with a single reusable bottle that can be filled over and over again for a lifetime worth of use. The best part, no  single-use plastic bottles are used in the process. And you can enjoy mixing this fizzy water with juices and alcohol to shake up the experience!

2. Faucet Water Filter

Faucet Water Filter

Continuing the topic of plastic bottles, investing in a faucet water filter is also an easy switch to help discourage the practice of buying single-use plastic water bottles. Not only is filtered tap water much cheaper than buying bottled water, but it also tastes and smells great!

3. Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This one might be a given by now since we dove into the topic of plastic bottles. But, we just wanted to stress how great having a reusable water bottle is! In 2015, one person in America used around 167 single-use plastic water bottles per year (keep in mind that the demand for bottled water has grown since 2015!). One reusable water bottle can help bring this number down to zero. Reusable water bottles are also significantly cheaper than continuously buying single-use water bottles. And let’s be honest, walking around with a reusable water bottle gives off that positive aura of health and wellness. We love that energy!

Note, buying a stainless steel water bottle is your best bet to completely eliminate plastic. This material is considered an eco-metal, which means in the future it can be smelted down and repurposed for something else.

Why is the ocean always on time? It likes to stay current.


Just like the ocean, we need to continue to evolve and do our best to stay current with practices that can help improve our lifestyles for the benefit of the planet. With so much going on, a great way to stay updated is joining eco communities, encouraging friends to participate in eco-living, and following blogs.