How Algae Is Being Used To Help Save The Environment!

How Algae Is Being Used To Help Save The Environment! | Durapik

We have some fun algae facts that you can use as nerdy conversation points to tell your friends while simultaneously boosting morale and hope for our future!

1. Algae Oil

Innovators have created a fuel using oils from algae. The US Navy has even flown planes and run ships using this non-polluting substance. The price of algae oil is also becoming increasingly cheaper as new technology innovates it further.



2. Sunscreen

Ingredients used in many current sunscreen products use substances that end up washing off our bodies and threatening corals and marine life. Hawaii has gone as far to ban these types of sunscreen. The good news is, Algae has evolved to protect itself from UV rays, research into algae-based sunscreens currently holds promise for our future!


3. Snacks

We all love snacks! The food industry has been discovering ways to make use of this renewable resource by creating tasty chips and crackers. Algae is also high in iodine and omega-3 which our brains need for to function properly. The more healthy minds we have, the more we can innovate awesome ideas!

Algae Granola Bars

4. Animal Feed

Algae contains up to 70% protein content which can satisfy the need of large-scale agricultural businesses. This biofeed has the potential to replace the use of expensive grains.

Algae Food


5. Shoes

Companies are beginning to experiment more with creating shoes from Algae. So far they are not 100% biodegradable when disposed of. But this is a great stepping stone to replacing single-use plastic made from chemicals.

Algae Shoes


7. Algae Floss

Durapik has created the first Algae Floss to replace the plastic nylon options. This floss is fully biodegradable and can be disposed of straight into house compost bins. This option can radically decrease the amount of plastic floss that ends up in landfills and oceans. We love our marine life, so we should do what we can to protect it from becoming wrapped in plastic!

Algae Floss

These may all be stand alone products, but together their small efforts contribute to the bigger picture. To a cleaner and brighter future!