6 Weird Things People Have Actually Used to “Floss” Their Teeth

6 Weird Things People Have Actually Used to “Floss” Their Teeth | Durapik

We have all been there: you’ve just enjoyed chomping down on something delicious, and only moments later experience a dull jab located somewhere between your teeth. 

  1. First, you investigate the situation with your tongue by blindly locating where exactly that tiny piece of food has taken residence in your mouth (arguably, popcorn kernel shells being one of the WORST things to end up stuck).

  1. Second, the next hurdle..how to dislodge the intruder after attempting to poke it out with your tongue has failed. Naturally, you are away from the comforts of a bathroom with no floss in sight. Now what? 

Well, we can reluctantly tell you the “now what's" that other people have resorted to...


1. Strands Of Hair

Red Hair

According to a study conducted by ADA, 7% of the 1,005 American participants have used their hair to remove food from their teeth. We guess hair has a strikingly similar resemblance to floss…? The craftiness of this solution is admirable, but the ick factor of it is still up there!


2. Horse Hair

Horse Hair

Ancient remains found by archaeologists suggests horse hair may have been used as the first dental floss. Having clean teeth seems to have always been in fashion. Lucky today we can STRAY away from using stray hairs as a cleaning device.


3. Fingernails


ADA has uncovered quite a few truths. From their survey, they also found that out of the 1,005 participants, 61% have used fingernails. Let’s be real - the other 39% that said no are liars. Or at least, those of us who fall into the 61% will tell ourselves that to alleviate the feeling of judgement.


4. Folded Paper


The ADA study also revealed that 40% of the participants used paper to dislodge foriegn objects. Hold up - this practice sounds like a whole lot of potential papercuts on the gums. Just the thought can send some chills down the spine. Can someone please explain this?!


5. Plastic Floss

Plastic Nylon Floss

We admit, we are being a bit cheeky about including plastic floss on our list of “weird things to floss with.” But we like to have a bit of fun here at Durapik, so... SHOCKINGLY, plastic floss is widely used as an everyday dental item. This practice leaves behind pieces of micro plastic between the teeth and can end up floating around in our oceans. Luckily, we have a biodegradable floss available made from natural algae ;)


6. Safety Pins

Safety Pins

ADA discovered that 14% of the 1,005 participants have used pointy safely pins to remove intruders from their mouths. If you use that sample to reflect the entire population of the earth, that is approximately 1 billion people who might have also done this. Perhaps we should put a PIN in this idea and move away from using sharp tools in our mouths..

Let’s be honest, we have ALL been there and used a weird item to floss our teeth. And that’s okay, because no one is perfectly hygienic all the time (unless you are, then wow, give us a rundown of your day-by-day activities because that is a truly fascinating lifestyle (I love this but would switch it to “that is truly impressive”). But hey, in this moment of realization that everyone is probably a little gross, we can now bring your attention to the Durapik. A travel friendly floss pick that can be easily transported in a portable case. For those who like to be prepared, this is a great alternative from resorting to hair, fingernails, paper, and whatever else!

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