Our mission?

Our mission? Create less waste and save our marine life. Disposable picks and regular dental floss are difficult to recycle and often end up in landfills or our oceans, taking a long time to decompose. DuraPik’s products are 100% plastic-free and environmentally-friendly.
Because nylon floss is extremely tear-proof, fish and animals get caught and suffer in its tricky web. Our floss is entirely biodegradable, house compostable, 100% turtle-friendly and vegan. You can rest easy knowing that your dental health isn’t harming the environment or marine life

Why flossing?

Flossing not only removes plaque, but prevents tartar buildup, tooth decay, gum disease and also removes the food particles in those hard-to-reach places. And our floss is made of organic algae, so you need not worry about absorbing chemicals. It’s the perfect combo for anyone that wants to rid themselves of single-use plastic and take care of their oral health. What’s better than a clear conscience and a great smile?

Meet our team

We’re a small team of elite(ish) eco-warriors led by founder and head honcho Keirin. When he’s not wearing his business hat, Keirin is surfing the waves, adventuring around and advocating for the environment.
DuraPik is a start-up based in Australia with team members around the world. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate single-use plastic completely. Today, we’re implementing that goal, one dental pick at a time, with DuraPik.