Can you use other floss with the Durapik?

Yes, the Durapik is designed to work with many flosses, and has been tested with numerous popular brands that work great! However we cannot guarantee the DuraPik to be compatible with all brands. 

What is the return on your wallet when you floss with Durapik?

On average, one person uses 350 single-use plastic floss picks a year. Through Amazon, customers can buy around 350 single-use floss picks for about $13 USD a year. Our Durapik Floss Kit has a startup cost of $37.95 USD. The Durapik Floss Kit costs just as much as 3 - 4 years worth of single-use floss picks. But, the DuraPik lasts a lifetime, which drastically outlives 3 - 4 years! Plus, you will no longer be throwing plastic waste away each night. 

What size is the DuraPik floss pick?

Durapik Measurements

Can kids use a DuraPik floss pick?

Yes, we recommend that kids ages 12+ can comfortably use the DuraPik floss pick. This age range is up to your discretion, younger kids may need to be supervised or assisted. If you would like to see the measurements of the DuraPik, refer to the sizing chart above.

How are the DuraPik floss picks treated to obtain their beautiful colouring?

The DuraPik floss picks are coloured through a natural heating process called colour tempering. Stainless steel metal can be heated to various temperatures from 300 - 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating of the metal excites the metal electrons which starts releasing different wavelengths of lights/colour. For example the steel turns brown, at 520 degrees, it turns purple, at 575 degrees, it turns blue and at 800 degrees.

How is the eco-friendly algae floss created?

The general steps of production are as follows: The floss first starts off as algae from our farm (not from the sea), we then harvest the aglae, cleaning- carding- drawing- combing- roving- spinning- and then once its finished spinning the floss is packaged. The production process is done in a water-based environment. So it is green and pollution-free, and the process also meets the environmental protection requirements!

Does removing algae from the ocean hurt the ecosystem?

Algae is a renewable resource that actually grows 20 times faster than corn. Some algaes can even be harvested within a week! Talk about some quick plant action. Algae also has the ability to grow in hard conditions that farm crops would otherwise parish in. This plant is truly a super resource chalk full with omega 3. Also, our algae is not grown in the ocean, we grow it in a controlled environment on an algae farm. Fun fact, the omega 3s we gain from eating fish is actually from the algae they eat. 

How long does it take for the algae floss to biodegrade?

The algae floss starts breaking down within a week once placed in a compost bin, and takes 5 - 6 weeks to fully biodegrade into garden dirt. This is a fantastic option for house composting. Clean teeth and a thriving garden with Omega 3! The Floss won't decompose unless it becomes wet or is in the direct sunlight for a long time. The Floss can be stored in a dark dry space such as a cupboard, for at least 1 year and at that time the flavour will only start to disappear.

How do I load the algae floss onto the DuraPik floss pick?

Check out our video demonstration!

Does the algae floss work between tight teeth?

The Durapik floss was created with a classic “round” shape since the algae needs a certain amount of fibers to function. Most flosses that work between tight teeth are flat and look like tape, which we do not currently offer. We want to expand our options for people who have tighter teeth! So we have been looking into alternate methods and other material options. Thankfully the DuraPik is compatible with multiple flosses, so you can still get yourself an eco floss pick!

Is there a wholesale option?

LATEST UPDATE: Friday May 28th/2021

Once we have shipped all our back orders, we plan on opening up our wholesale program. This option will allow businesses to purchase the products t wholesale rates. Once wholesale is available, we will be sending out an email to let businesses know.
Receive this update by signing up here: https://durapik.co/pages/register-wholesale

Where are the Durapik products made?

The Durapiks are manufactured in China. Many resources that are used around the world are actually first sourced from China. Some companies get around the “Made in China” label by first buying materials from China then shipping them to their own country where they manufacture the items there. They are then able to add a label stating the product was MADE in their country, but this method adds to fuel consumption. The materials are essentially shipped twice. First from China to another country for manufacturing, then from the manufacturer to customers. At Durapik, we have cut out the middle step, and we ship directly from China (where the materials are sourced AND manufactured) to customers. This saves on fuel consumption.
We would just like to say we are an Australian Canadian company, Support who you want to see in the future.🐢